Past Stars Pack


A collection of players who are no longer in the league, but we will always remember.


So you've seen the cards, and you're interested... but you have a few questions. So let me answer what you probably want to know.

First off, the cards are 2.5x3.5 inches, which is the regular size for a player card. They fit perfectly in top-loaders and card collecting sheets. On the front of the card is the player graphic and name, and on the back is another graphic along with the player's statistics.

The rare cards are the tricky cards to collect, and they have different rarities - Gold, Diamond, and Crystal. There are 2 Gold cards per collection, 1 Diamond card, and 1 Crystal card.

The normal cards can be pulled in any pack, but the rare cards can only be pulled in a 6, 12, or 22 card pack (not a 3 card pack). In a 6 card pack you will pull 1 rare card; in a 12 card pack you will pull 2 rare cards; and in a 22 card pack you will also pull 2 rare cards but one of those rare cards is guaranteed to be a Crystal card.

The Crystal card is the rarest card in a collection with only a 20% chance of being pulled. Each Diamond card has a 30% chance of being pulled and you have a 50% chance of pulling the Gold card.

In each pack you will also receive a catalogue/collection sheet. This sheet shows all the possible cards you can collect from each collection - normal and rare. This way you can check off your progress as your collections grows!

If you still have any other questions, please feel free to email or direct message me on Instagram!

Otherwise, happy collecting everyone!!


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